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In the exclusive atmospheres of our showrooms in Parma and Turin, as well as sophisticated Japanese prints and ancient Chinese paintings of high quality, is showed the works of the prominent conceptual art and poor art, Fabio Pietrantonio. Born in Turin in 1966, lived in Spain, Sardinia and Milan, participating in various collective shows, before moving to Australia.
His artistic formation has been strongly influenced by the symbolism and spirituality of the Aborigines with whom he started his quest for spiritual harmony in a civilisation still characterised by a primitive lifestyle and a culture not contaminated by progress and industrialisation.
Subsequently, he made contact with the Native American Pueblos in New Mexico, drawing inspiration from his meeting with the ‘Elders’ to define a sacred symbology and the need to return to nature as an antidote to man’s alienation in contemporary society Pietrantonio takes the raw materials for his works from nature, using wood, stones, powder, sand, pigments, metals, gauzes, textiles and even flower petals, all carefully selected in uncontaminated environments,to create ‘totems’: objects, paintings and sculptures intended to recreate a sensation of cosmic harmony.
Following the terrorist attacks in various parts of the world, from 2004 onwards Pietrantonio started to paint totemic animals, symbols of protection that convey messages of peace and faith. His series of portraits of Karol Wojtyla that highlight the Pope’s intense spirituality and the bodily suffering of a man who continues his battle despite illness, are in the same vein. The metaphysical yearning that is the leitmotif of Pietrantonio’s research oversteps the bounds of individual religious beliefs, seeking a deep, original feeling of union with nature in a sort of pantheist animism. This is reflected in the fact that the artist has a studio in the Alps and one in Sardinia where unspoilt nature is a continuous source of inspiration for his works.
Fabio Pierantonio
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