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The interior design studio was developed and is personally followed by esteemed Italian architect Vincenzo Pavia.

The original style used in creating prestigious interiors is done by mixing classical elements with modern ones, never forgetting the important accent of Oriental art.

Thanks to the experience and the professionalism that defines Pavia & Pavia International Design, clients needs are always satisfied

A newly built villa in a rich residential area near Parma was an opportunity to realize a complete furnishing project in every detail: materials, finishes and wallcoverings, lightings, furnitures and curtains. As result a project with an exclusive taste: minimal at the right point and strongly contemporary.

Apartment in Portofino

In the sweeping background of Molo Umberto I, the unmissable postcard in the collection of Italian icons, is the context of this prestigious interior project. Starting from a rigorous and aged over the years internal subdivision, it was decided to revolutionize the functional hierarchies of the house bringing new life within it. The result is surprising: a kitchen and a suspended roof garden to the sky. A reserved sleeping area but full of unexpected angles. Little gem: a newly built staircase where it seemed impossible.

Project and furnishings artistic direction for "Castello di Parella"

The Castle reopens in June 2017 to its former glory after the long and careful restoration that allowed the recovery of original structures, floors and materials. Where recovery has not been possible, local or national materials have been used, with the approval of the Superintendence for Architectural and Monumental Heritage of Piedmont. The original frescoes in the castle halls dating back to the 17th century have been recovered. The restoration project has succeeded in combining the striking architectural, historical and cultural heritage with materials and furnishings with a contemporary taste and high-end design. The suites, the "Alessio I" restaurant, the "Alla Lettera" coffee house and the "Alle Volte" wine shop are the proof of all this. The skilful work of architects and designers has given life back to a historic place, succeeding in enriching the spaces with pleasant and warm atmospheres.

In the heart of the Western Alps, in one of the most peaceful and suggestive settings of Claviere, arises our next residential project. Working with the client to develop design solutions that are “aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and pragmatically satisfying” created this space that incorporates nature, design, clean lines and functionality.

The desire to “create an intimate, emotional and private space for memories”, pushed Pavia & Pavia to research materials and design details that strongly expresses and contributes to the senses: Warmth and Intimacy.

The subdivision of the interior space was based on the functional needs of the client. Utilizing custom cabinetry and furniture in the bedrooms allowed for personalization. The living/dining area features a modern open space concept for relaxation and entertainment. Conversation pieces include a modern fireplace, a large Baxter dining table with a sheet metal tabletop supported by massive wooden posts and crosscut tree trunks that make up the coffee table.

Each room incorporates elements of beauty and character that enhances the space making it visually soothing and welcoming. Exposed beams and high ceilings add space and dimension, while the muted natural shades of beige and brown give warmth to the areas. The oak brushed wood flooring and tapestry allows for continuity and uniformity of the space. The focal point in the bathroom is a crafted antiqued and textured Fossena stone (Pietra di Fossena) countertop.

The result is a relaxing, calming environment rich with details, where the touches of light, furniture, tapestry and decor were all studied with precise attention to enhance the country and mountainous views. Displayed through the many windows like revolving paintings are the scenery of the ever changing seasons that enhance this elegantly appointed Alpine residence.

Yesterday suburbs and symbol of a factory town, now dynamic and qualified urban landscape.The regenaration of the Campari industrial area in Sesto San Giovanni with the construction of four residential towers designed by Mario Botta, has produced the rebirth of a place where the great Milan begins. "We tried to convert a urban void in a living space for the community" highlighted the architect during the project presentation.

Each tower is dedicated to an artist by an objet d'art in every lobby: from Depero to Dudovich, from Nespolo to Cappiello, artists that characterized the artistic history of the beverage brand, born in 1860.

This apartment, like all the others, is made up of fluid spaces, open spaces in continuity with terraces and characterized by full height windows that give an extraordinary brightness.

The design work was really important, with particular emphasis to the perception of space and the use of materials and their texture. In the lounge is placed the conversation area, with custom-made furnishings, the dining area, with the elegance of the Saarinen Tulip table and the Conference chairs by Knoll.

The light project was made with umperceivable ceiling spotlights, with the sole two exceptionsof the verticality of the Crown Major chandelier by Nemo and the unmistakable Taccia lamp designed by Castiglioni for Flos.

The entire apartment is covered with oak planks painted in dark gray finish just aged.

The kitchen, which the entrance door is made from a full height handcrafted panel lacquered in red, is essential in size but complete in functions. Custom made in lacquered wood with Emperador Dark marble top.

In the bedroom prevails the bed with an upholstering headboard finished in nabuck leather by Baxter, sustained by a mirror bedside table and the Constantin little table by Simon.

All wardrobes are custom made, without handles, in a sober style, to obtain the effect of a continuous paneling.

Contemporary elegance and the sensuality of the Orient exude in every corner of this beautifully appointed apartment situated near the prestigious Piazza Solferino, in the historic city center of Turin, Italy.

The apartment was completely renovated in 2006. The project aimed to restore the dwelling to its original prestige, interpreting the classical lines of the residence into contemporary elements, while keeping in line with creative and dynamic essentials present in antique oriental art. Which also happens to be the proprietor’s real passion.

The result is a harmonious abode, which intertwines brilliantly highly artistic craftsmanship, the luxury of made-to-measure and the zen of the orient.

One of the architect’s main objectives in this project was to keep the private areas of the apartment well separated from the social ones. His goal was to maintain the fluidity in both style and functionality of the house without detracting the emotional qualities that radiate from within.

Upon entering the apartment, the trapezoidal shape of the entrance is underlined by two white symmetric chest of draws on one side and are faced by two side tables with two antique paintings from the 1700’s hanging above it, depicting a Chinese dignitary male and female. The chandelier “Giogali” designed by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vetreria Vistosi, illuminates the entrance uniformly and welcomingly.

Going through to the living room, ones attention is immediately captured by the large white lacquered bookshelf that dominates one side of the room. In the center of this bookshelf are two antique Chinese black lacquered panels, which slide electronically to reveal a large flat screen television. Two great couches complete the white lacquered conversation table in the living area. Underfoot is a large unique area rug designed, created and made to measure by the architect’s skilled craftsman.

The dining area of the living room is dominated by a table from the collection “Queen” by Pavia&Pavia, constructed in Makassar ebony with inserts in steel, the seats are “Graz” by Baxter in white leather. To one side, a large silver leafed mirror hangs above a long antique Chinese console, flanked by two Versailles armchairs by Baxter in lacquered wood and leather, which completes the furnishings in the ample living room.

Through the long corridor characterized by high arches and portals in white wood, hints at other spaces while remaining distinctly separate. Two great red lacquered symmetric panels that reach the ceiling acts as the entrance to the kitchen and guest bathroom. The kitchen area is a fully functional and intimate area where all the walls are covered in Makassar ebony and the pavement is in white ivory porcelain limestones called Pietra di Brera. The cabinetry is decorated with dark emperador marble, in which the sink designed by Phillipe Stark for Duravit is crowned by a great neobaroche mirror framed in dark wood. The play of soft warm lights on the surfaces in the kitchen highlights the particularities of the materials used.

The cabinetry in the kitchen was designed using lacquered white wood and black granite. A square glass Sica table dominates the kitchen and a suspension lamp “Clavius” by Axolight illuminates from above.

The owner wanted to carve out a guest area that was both welcoming and comfortable yet private. Beyond the guest bedroom, there is a large bathroom where the pavement and walls are covered in large limestone tiles cut to measure in Pietra di Brera. The walls of the shower are covered in mosaic marble emperador echoing that of the kitchen.

As we’ve mentioned before the master bedroom area is separated from the rest of the apartment. With a floor-to-ceiling scrolling panel decorated in the same fashion as the adjacent walls the entrance to the bedroom area is both discreet and private. Before entering the bedroom area there is a studio with a great angular bookshelf in dark zebra wood which creates the modern atmosphere while contrasting the small antique Chinese desk from the 1700’s, in the corner we find the reclining armchair “Soft Pad” by Vitra.

Through a long corridor, flanked by floor-to-ceiling wooden lacquered panels which hides the closet, we enter the master bedroom. The bedroom like the rest of the house recalls the culture of the orient. Japanese prints adorn one wall, while two Chinese panels are embedded within antes that open to reveal a window and a large black lacquered cabinet that hides a television. These are all little touches that add to the modern contemporary spirit of the overall design while still paying homage to the classic artistic Asian décor. Only one wall is covered in fabric by Sahco, the Chinese cabinet adds a touch of elegance in one corner, while the armchair “Sellerina” in gold leather by Baxter adds color and warmth to the room. The bed is in leather from the collection “Zen” by Pavia&Pavia.

In the adjacent master bath, echoes that of the guest bath with the same materials of limestone in Pietra di Brera. The jacuzzi and the shower is presented in warm marble mosaic tiles in the shade of royal yellow.

Some particulars in the construction of this apartment is in the use Pietra di Brera limestone, in creating the jacuzzi a thick monolithic piece of limestone was carved out to create the form of the bath.

The overall affect of this apartment is a calm, serene yet modern abode in the midst of a great industrial city.


"Lovely view to take your breath away." These few words, by themselves, would suffice to define the charm of this beautiful apartment on the 62nd floor of an elegant building on 56th Street in Manhattan.

Great art enthusiasts and lovers of the excellence of the forms, the owners of this residence favored in furnishing the choice of eclectic elements extra-ordinary that had a strong value "artistic" as the dining table and chairs in walnut of Ceccotti Collection and upholstered in leather Baxter.

The rigor and purity of the lines of all the furniture "custom" made of lacquered wood contribute to an overview of contemporary art.

The suggestive hints of color on the walls and dark wood floors enhance the very intensity of detail, quality of materials without leaving sought warm intimacy.

This apartment is located in one of the most prestigious real estate complexes in the Principality of Monaco. Ninety square meters including the rooftop terrace, where it manifests elegance made of insight into design and excellence of hand-made, a balancing act in the name of essentiality whose heart is a nuance always been synonymous of chic: the white.

To act as a contrast to this elegant universe monochrome, furnishings "total black" in the kitchen as well as the upholstered of the lounge and the bedroom, made in black leather.

Totally renovated starting with the removal of any structural division, the new planimetric configuration was resolved with pieces of furniture in lacquered wood, after laying the prestigious white marble flooring. The apartment is characterized by simple lines and strong volumes in which the inside-out continuity is evident, interrupted by imperceptible glass passages, which allows integration with the beautiful landscape. In this world, with admirable effect, the interpenetration between home and landscape is complete, allowing expansion of the space more than it really is.

Designed by architect Claudio Spagnotto, the furnishing of this prestigious penthouse, located in an exclusive residential area of Turin, combines a poetic almost minimalist unconditional looking for quality and harmony.

Modern and bright, the apartment is characterized by a refined monochromy interior not without some hints of color that confer even more to characterize the strong personality of the space.

Gray color chosen in perfect harmony and agreement by the client and the professional has been applied in all its slight nuances through accurate choice of materials and objects.

The living room furnished with Qing collection's sofas of Pavia Pavia and coated with Dedar fabrics , communicates with the dining room which dominates a large table polyester lacquered and through which leads to the large kitchen, heart of the home.

The very articulated volume of the house, totally reinvented and redesigned by the architect, is the ideal stage for innovative materials, furniture and luminaires.
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