Interior Design

Coordinated by the arch. Vincenzo Pavia with the support of skilled partners, the interior design studio is by now an established reality in the field in Turin. The design philosophy is focused on the creation of a fine and functional atmosphere that celebrates elegance and warmth, and that offers an out-of-time background for the development of a modern culture in continuous evolution.
Turin and Parma studios cooperate on a daily basis with the architects and the technical staff, so to make each space consistent with the client’s personality and taste and to design solutions built on the required needs. The variety of interior design services, among which the turnkey option is always the most desired, involves the client in a creative as well as introspective way, whose objective is to get a high-profile housing solution.

The partnerships with the best suppliers and with the most renowned Italian firms allows to realize a space which is complete of any detail and represents a high-quality level.


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