Who we are

The history of Pavia & Pavia International Design is linked to the craft production of luxury furniture since more than three generations. In 1987 the family members Vincenzo, Elisabetta and Fabrizio decided to put the premises for a new reality, founding the Pavia & Pavia International Design. The main objective was to support the solid experience in the design and the production of the single furniture, with a showroom and a design studio guided by the architect Vincenzo Pavia. Today, the union of both core activities allows the business to assist the customer from the design to the setting up phase, guaranteeing a high-quality turn-key service.

The creation of tailor-made projects is an intrinsic feature of Pavia & Pavia International Design production. Our craftmanship culture, the deep knowledge about materials, the constant dialogue with the customer, contribute in the realization of technically and aesthetically unique products.

More than 30 years of experience in the field allowed Pavia & Pavia International Design to create an outstanding professional team, composed by architects, designers, artisans and carpenters who work together to deliver projects.

In the past years, the business stepped over the European borders and reached renowned cities such as Tel Aviv, New York and Nassau. Today Pavia & Pavia style represents an excellence for the Italian design, and it is recognized as an extremely high-quality brand.



The Pavia & Pavia factory is located in one of the industrial areas of Turin. Under the high covering vaults, specialized carpenters and artisans work side by side using machinery of the latest generation to realize prestigious and refined furnishing elements.

The attention on the details and the possibility to customize the finishing according to renewed needs allows to accomplish a diffused ability on different production levels and to guarantee a long lasting quality, though on a small-scale production.




In 2016 opens Studio Cohesion, a place where arch. Vincenzo Pavia, together with a team of architects specialized in the realization of residential buildings, develops the most complex projects.

Here, each phase is faced step by step: the concept and preliminary outline, the executive project, the permission requests, the administrative practices, the construction site, the works management, the worksite safety and, lastly, the interior spaces set-up with both tailor-made and industrial furniture.


Vincenzo Pavia

Elisabetta Pavia

Fabrizio Pavia