Casa Montebello


Location: Torino
Type: residential
Intervention: restoration and interior design
Year: 2023
Client: private
Area: 80 sq m
Project: Vincenzo Pavia architect, Monica Tortora
Collaborator: Pavia & Pavia International Design interior studio
Furniture: Pavia & Pavia International Design
Lighting: Catellani & Smith, Flos, Axolight
Photo: Valentina Esposito

The role played by the designer in this domestic space called for great sensitivity, not only in interpreting the location destined to house the project, but also in managing the clients’ requirements.
This led the design team to prioritise making the right choices of space, style, materials and functions to identify a specific way of living and inhabiting the home.
The choice of such natural materials as oak and American walnut for the furnishings and light Travertine stone punctuation represents the different declensions of this virtuoso interior design.
The character that imbues the reconfigured layout of this flat in the heart of old Turin comes to expression in its elegant, discreet atmosphere, enriched with delicate accents and accurate architectural details.