Claviere, Turin, Italy

Location: Claviere, Turin, Italy
Type: residential
Intervention: restoration and interior design
Year: 2015
Client: private
Area: 150 mq
Project: Vincenzo Pavia architect
Collaborator: Valentina Esposito architect
Furniture: Baxter Made In Italy, Pavia & Pavia International Design
Lighting: Baxter Made In Italy, Kreon
Photography: Valentina Esposito

In the heart of Western Alps, in one of the most evocative glimpses of Via Lattea, raised the project for a new house, which was the result of the aesthetic choices that came out from a fruitful dialogue with the client. The will to generate a private dimension where to save some space for emotions and memories led the Pavia & Pavia architects to search for highly expressive materials and details, which would contribute in creating that immediate sense of intimacy and coziness. The division of the internal space followed the functional needs of the client. Bedrooms have been customized and the living room has been divided in two areas: the relax zone developed around a modern fireplace, and the dining room standing out for its large table with a black sheet metal top 3mm and irregular pyramidal legs in solid cedar with a wax finishing. As for the boiseries and the furniture, the decision fell on maintaining one single essence, so to give uniformity to the project. This was obtained using the oak brushed wood. The final result is intimate, inclusive, relaxing, also thanks to the selection of the quilts and curtains textile, that give to the whole house an atmosphere which is full of character.