Turin, Italy

Location: Turin, Italy
Type: offices
Intervention: restoration and interior design
Year: 2016
Client: Cohesion
Area: 200 mq
Project: Giuseppe Pasquero architect, Vincenzo Pavia architect
Partners: Andrea Levra Levron architect, Patrick Testa architect
Furniture: Pavia & Pavia International Design
Lighting: Kreon, Belux, Flos, Davide Groppi
Photography: Kreon

Via Della Rocca, also known as the aristocrats’ road, is one of the most elegant streets of Turin with its art galleries and opulent houses. Cohesion is an architecture studio, located in the noble floor of one of these buildings. Cohesion is halfway between a workplace and an art gallery. The restoration project interpreted in a contemporary way the classical style of the interior spaces. The project revisited colors and contrasts to enhance the elegance and austerity of the generous volumes. Will of preservation and courage live together in this project of interior design. Each artwork finds its balance, enhancing the already high value of the space. It seems that every single design element has never been anywhere else than where it is.