Location: Alberi di Vigatto, Parma (PR)
Type: offices
Intervention: interior design
Year: 2018
Client: Gherri Meat Technology s.r.l
Area: 300 mq
Project: Vincenzo Pavia architect
Partners: Andrea Monica, Vania Campana architect
Furniture: Sinetica, Sitland, Cattelan, Tisca; Momenti Casa
Lighting: Louis Poulsen, Penta, Antonangeli
Photography: Valentina Esposito

When a business wants to be a cozy and familiar place, it borrows some features from the house, and it abandons the cold and impersonal elements that normally belong to an office. The project’s objective was to align the workspace mood with the dynamic character of the MT founders. The decorative elements, the wallpapers, the materials and the color selection managed to give elegance to the spaces, without letting them lose their functionality.