Parella Castle

Turin, Italy

Location: Ivrea, Turin, Italy
Type: luxury hotel, restaurant, meeting and events, retail
Intervention: interior design
Year: 2017
Client: Vistaterra- Castello di Parella
Area: 4.000 mq
Project: Paolo Lucchetta architects + RetailDesign srl
Collaborator: Vania Campana architect
Furniture: Porro, Flou, Gervasoni, Friz Hansen, Dom Edizioni, Cassina, Knoll, Zanotta, Pavia & Pavia International Design
Lighting: Renzo Del Ventisette, Tom Dixon, Viabizzuno, Nemo, Renzo Serafini Luce, Davide Groppi, Renzo Serafini Luce
Photography: Valentina Esposito

Parella Castel in the Canavese area, reopens June 2017, returning to its antique glory after a long and attentive restoration which allowed to recover the original structures, pavement and materials. Where the recovery was not possible, local or national materials have been used with a previous authorization of the Piedmontese Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e Monumentali. The castle halls’ XVII century original frescos have been recovered. The restoration project managed to combine the suggestive architectural, historical and cultural heritage with materials and high-design furniture of contemporary taste. This is represented by Le Suite, Alessio I restaurant, Alla Lettera Cafè and Alle Volte winehouse. The wise work of architects and designers gave a new life to a historical place, enriching it with warm and pleasant atmospheres.