Campari Towers

Milan, Italy

Location: Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Italy
Type: residential
Intervention: interior design
Year: 2015
Client: private
Area: 75 mq
Project: Vincenzo Pavia architect
Collaborators: Monica Tortora, Valentina Esposito architect
Furniture: Knoll Int., Baxter Made In Italy, Simon Cassina, Pavia & Pavia International Design, Dedon
Lighting: Nemo, Flos, Kreon, Catellani & Smith
Photography: Valentina Esposito

In the past it belonged to the periphery and it was a symbol of a city-factory. Today it is a dynamic and requalified urban area. This is how today the ex-industrial Campari area in Sesto San Giovanni appears, with its four residential towers designed by the architect Mario Botta. The project determined a renaissance of the outskirts of the great Milan. “We tried to give back an empty urban space as a lively place to the community”, stressed the architect during the project presentation.
The apartments are based on open spaces and terraces create a continuity within the inner and the outer areas. Floor-to-ceiling windows generate an extraordinary brightness.
The core of the project, the living room, was conceived as a container as well as diffusor of light. The TV-library shelf creates an imaginary line which encloses the talking space and divides it from the main entrance. In this way, a quite intimate space is obtained, which at the same time is full of light and warmth. The kitchen, whose access is through a red lacquered opening wall, appears essential in dimensions, yet complete in its functions. It is a private space, hidden from the living part of the house.
The containers of the apartments are tailor-made without handles, the style is sober with a boiserie effect, so to give a fair relevance to the design elements selected for each single environment.