Turin, Italy

Location: Turin
Type: residential
Intervention: restoration and interior design
Year: 2021
Client: private
Area: 270 mq
Project: Vincenzo Pavia Architect
Collaborator: Francesca Gallà Architect
Furniture: Baxter Made In Italy, Gallotti & Radice, Ceccotti Collezioni, Pavia & Pavia International Design
Lighting: Gallotti & Radice, Baxter Made In Italy, Catellani & Smith, Kreon

Photo: Valentina Esposito

In an apartment on the noble floor of a building in Turin’s central Piazza CLN with a view of the lavish sculptures by Baglioni, the philosophy of design is expressed in a project focused on creating refined, functional atmospheres that furnish an elegant backdrop to a modern and constantly evolving residence. Harmony of form is generated here by the sequence of container volumes that separate the living area from the sleeping zone, while at the same time creating a fluid, connected space.